Monday, 30 of January of 2023

My Story

Annalyn Wills

My Celiac Disease diagnosis and discovery of Gluten Sensitivity, Soy and Lactose intolerance (cow’s milk) was a journey. I suffered multiple medical scares over the years and always felt sick and bloated like a ball. Having complications and severe anemia prevented any biopsy. My Mom’s early passing left family history unknown. But I always remembered my grandmother eating like a bird and popping her acid reflux pills with no relief. Confirmation came thru simple genetic testing despite other false negative results.

Thriving with what life offers even with onset issues from misdiagnosis, I refuse to let this define me for who I am. My passion is to prevent others from unnecessary agony or being bounced around and to help others flourish with this lifestyle. Our boys are predisposed and as a family we choose to embrace cooking as a hobby crafting dishes from around the world. My husband is not “one of us”, yet he protects us in making sure nothing is ever cross contaminated. Being encouraged to compose a cook book and try out for cooking contests…here I am! If you like this one, you’ll love what is to come with originals destined to be shared.

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