June 26, 2011

Welcome to Party Gluten Free

Hello!! I’m Annalyn Wills┬á and I want to personally welcome you to Party Gluten Free!!┬á

Please read my ‘Story’ page.┬á It tells alot about me and my journey (my husband says its my ‘calling’) on road to becoming aware of my condion.┬á I have Celiac, as well as soy intollerance and I can’t handle most dairy.

With that said, my family and I enjoy the most fufilling, tasty, fun (my 12 yr old calls it ‘gourmet’) meals.┬á I’ve been living and experiencing this for several years, so I’ve learned a lot about travelling, eating out, and entertaining gluten free, and I REALLY want to share that with you all!

This is my first foray into the world of blogging, so please bear with me, and keep coming back.┬á In this blog, I’ll be discussing

My Thoughts
About avwills
I'm Annalyn Wills - Founder of Party Gluten Free. I'm so excited to be here and sharing my experiences with all. I hope to inform everyone about Celiac, Gluten Free cooking, travel and eating out. More than anything I want to know that living Gluten Free can be a PARTY!!

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